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Computernix Founder
Computernix founder and CEO, Gerry "Nix" Tagle has owned and operated retail and service companies for more than thirty five years. His initial interest in computing and networking technologies began in the early 1980's, when searching for computer consulting firms and computer technicians to help with his own business computing needs.
Nix soon discovered that large computer companies and consultants didn't really care about supporting the needs of small businesses and consumer-level (home based) computer users. The few that did, charged exorbitant fees, and in some cases didn't have adequate technical skills to offer real solutions or resolve many computer problems.
Seen as a window of opportunity, he began developing a business plan to bring competent and affordable services to computer users who need help, but were being largely ignored. After attending classes, Nix received his first technical degrees and certifications in 1989. . . Computernix was officially born. Now with many years of experience, Computernix continues to hold true to the founding mission and principles of providing quality, affordable computing services to businesses and consumers. No matter how small or large your needs may be.  .  .  Computernix will help.
Computer help at your office or home.
Read About Computernix Educational Services
Following advanced studies in computer sciences, Nix began teaching classes in UNIX server technologies to Information Technology professionals. He has since delivered hundreds of classes nationwide.

Students have included clients, employees and technical staffs of corporations such as AT&T, Novell, SCO, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, Verizon Wireless, Lilly, Productivity Point International and ExecuTrain. He has also taught seminars for city, county and state agencies, as well as to United States government IT staff members from NASA, the United Space Alliance, the IRS and US military branches.

Nix has also taught computing courses at the university level, to include computer learning departments of San Jacinto College, Tulane University and Temple University. He recently completed nearly seven years at the Southern Methodist University School of Engineering, Advanced Computing Center in Texas.
Is this the level computing knowledge and experience you want working for you?
Advanced computing knowledge combined with years of practical business experience, gives Computernix the know-how to help you benefit from computer technology and build the bottom line for your business.

Computernix has the background and experience to help you determine what type of computing environment will work best to grow your business. Computernix will never propose business computing solutions that fall short of your objectives or waste your technology budget with overkill recommendations.  Think you should call Nix?
Certified Computer Professionals
Computernix.com supports industry standard, Information Technology (IT) certifications for computer professionals. Expect the best.
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Viruses! - Adware! - Spyware! Internet users are exposed!
The epidemic of malicious, computer-disabling pop-ups, viruses, spyware and software is crippling your computer!
Computernix has software tools to remove spyware and computer viruses not detected and/or removed by many commercial removal software programs.
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